4 Acts Worksheets

A collection of the worksheets mentioned in the applications chapter of the 4 Acts Book:

Coming soon , will be ready in a couple of days from @May 13, 2024

Chapter 2: Finding the root-problem

  • Worksheet for creating the 5 why's
  • Worksheet for selecting the most impactful or effective problem

Chapter 3: Analyzing the environment of the problem

  • Worksheet for listing and defining the good and bad outcomes of a system

Chapter 11: Specifying the intended outcome (goal-setting)

  • Goal-setting framework

Chapter 12: Generating potential solutions to reach your goal

  • Listing the potential projects and routines to help solve your problem

Chapter 13: Micro-decision making

  • Worksheet for creating a formula to help with decision-making

Chapter 14: Macro-decision making (planning)

  • Worksheet for creating a plan

Chapter 20: What we can do to optimize our learning

  • The KEE productivity & knowledge system
  • The Quick Call tool for principle-based learning and decision-making