Notion for teams

Notion for teams


If you're tired of stringing together bloated systems for documentation, project management, road mapping, feedback management, task management, and on and on...

Then you're not alone.

After setting up and running our 40+ employee tech company in notion for the past 3 years I've learned how it can be done better with Notion.

Out-of-the-box Notion templates

A custom Notion workspace for your business


One time fee

Each organization is unique and has different needs. If you’ve made the choice to take your operations to Notion I can help you get set up. The package includes:

A 1-hour introduction call to assess the specific needs of your team

A Custom Notion template & set-up guide

A 30-minute walkthrough of the template

1 hour's worth of follow-up questions


My background

I’m a COO in a 40+ employee health tech organization that manages all workflows and related tools. Over the past 4 years, we’ve gone from start-up to scale-up to stay-up. During this time I’ve instantiated and performed many roles. I was:

  • Product Designer
  • Service Manager (& Customer Support)
  • Project Manager
  • Product Owner (Sprint Facilitator)
  • Solution Architect
  • Product Manager

My experience is beyond tooling, organization, and management. It comes from hands-on work and a fundamental understanding of what is supposed to go on in each business domain.


“Edwin is known as our Notion Master. And for good reason: he transitioned from old-school systems to modern Notion for our entire organization. With Notion templates, you need to balance flexibility with ease of use and understanding. Edwin finds that sweet spot in all the templates I have seen him build.” Ivo Valchev, Product Owner at Ivido

Working with Edwin for a few years, I can attest that his organizational skills have transformed the company from a small startup to a scaleup. The system he created helped the development teams to track their issues, prioritize and communicate efficiently David L. Rajcher, Programming Mentor
To be efficient and, in most cases, successful, you need to build and trust the systems. But where do you start? How do you build it? I highly recommend to use Notion as your starting point. Based not only on theory, but on the experience, Edwin’s templates helps you to make a massive jump in your business planning. Aleksandr Veryayskiy, Tech business consultant / Professional CTO

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