Introduction: Why setting goals is not that scary

Introduction: Why setting goals is not that scary

The thought of setting goals often comes with certain prejudices. Let’s confront these non-issues head-on and expose that they are not that scary.

1. Setting a goal means choosing what you find important

Inevitably setting goals means picking something to be more important than something else. Thinking about what you truly value and might be intimidating. There’s no ‘’hack’’ to get around this because this is a foundational principle for achieving your goals. You’ll have to be honest with yourself when choosing what your goals are. Ironically the practical process of setting and engaging with these goals is the best way to test and teach you what you truly value.

2. Setting a goal sets a condition for failure (making yourself accountable)

Setting a goal means that you can either accomplish or fail that specific goal. In the long run you obviously don't want to fail, you want to accomplish your goals and get what you want out of life. But, failing and learning from it is a requirement for actually winning in the long run. Failure just means having either set the wrong goal or simply overestimating your ability to achieve that goal. The result of both of those things happening is that you become better at setting goals and ultimately achieving them.

3. Setting goals means confronting the uncertainty of the future

It’s true that the goals you set are for the future, and it’s a challenge to force what external factors might influence your ability to reach the goal. The way to conquer this hurdle is to define goals well and to start with a timeframe that is manageable to predict. Over time your goal-setting skill and your knowledge will grow which in turn means you’ll be able to plan further and further into the future. But, to start with, it’s important to choose a reasonable and manageable timeframe. That’s why the Remynder Ritual goalbot starts with a horizon of 3 months. If that proves too much it's perfectly fine to reduce it to 1 or 2 months.

4. Staying on track with committed goals feels hard at first

The act of specifying goals might already feel like a challenge to have overcome, but it doesn’t end there. Goals are set to be achieved which means making decisions in day-to-day life that bring you closer to those goals. What you’ll need to do is create a habit to check in with your goals frequently. Luckily this is exactly what the Remynder Ritual is meant to help you with.