Daily routine design and self assesement

Step 1: Assessing what areas you spend your time on:

Start by writing out a list of all of the activities you typically do in a day. After you’ve made the list, ask yourself what you get from it and if you’re satisfied with it.:

  • Activity X
  • What I get out of it
  • Score of how satisfied I am with it (1-5)

Step 2: Questioning what areas you (might neglect)

You might feel like you neglect certain areas. Particularly in relation to the goals you have set. Cross-check your list of activities with this list, and write down the same bullet points as you did in step 1.

  • Leisure (relaxation) activity
  • Mental exercise
  • Physical exercise
  • Learning/reading
  • Experimenting
  • Creative work

Step 3: Starting with just 1 or 2 habits

Now you’ll have a whole list of things you structurally spend time on, and how satisfied you are with it. I suggest picking one or two of the lower scoring activities which are in line with goals you have. And then specify clearly how you would want to autopilot those activities.

You’re best of doing

Include habits